Thursday, July 16, 2020

What was I doing recently?

You know what marriage, patriarchy, and talked about that shit almost on my twitter timeline recently. It'll be worst decision ever to follow all controvercy account. Like someone who tell about urban planning, sometime they have been talked what anies baswedan does or compares to the other leader, nevertheless focused on disgusted thing. Reluctantly, my hand can't handle to stop following what that account say. 

Its been fed up! 

Come on, Twitter doenst mean worst application ever, just humans behind them can make it works. Sometimes a little to much fun, but fun nonetheless.

But, wait! I dont bring this issue come here at that moment yet. For a while, we keep the moment and  accompolish that topic for last. 

I wanted to recap what I've just doing for 3 days later. Okay, I spent much time to watching all movies. Most of them was romantic-comedy. 


First thing first is All The Boys That I Loved Before. Its been cringe, classic, and cheessy relationship. And I enjoyed to finish it. 

My worked started at 1pm, so this movie accompany me so early. Seriously, it will be fun to watch. The Story tell about Lara Jean is ordinary high school who just keep that feeling just a letter. And Peter Kavinsky, a lovely character who made me falling in love. For completely, you are just surfing on Internet for detail. 

I am not biggest fan Noah Centineo. Last year, I watching The Perfect Date, Swipped, and many more. But, in this movie I dont know that my feeling so blowing up. Haha. Its nice to see many teenager feel the same way. 


Perfect! Days 2 is continuing what happened about this series. I talked about To All The Boys : I still Love You. I admit it, that the story a little bit boring. It likes watching Kdrama on 12/13 episode. Because at that moment, they have been together and split up. And realize that they are still falling in love. Thats it. 

Oh yah, I bought some epub this series on Google Play Book. But you know that, can you imagined Jenny Han story, right? Based on what I read on Indonesian translated book, shout out to Its Not Summer Without You series. 

The theory of making story was destroyed. I heard about it when Bernard Batu Bara teached me how make great story at begining. That people who appeared at first chapter is key. The persons at first chapter recap how important they are for the whole story at all. 

While I reading this series, (because I knew who is important Peter Kavinsky from watching first this movie !), Peter Kavinsky appered on the middle. 

AND lovey-dovey-story is not been failed at all. 


The Proposal


We talked about Ryan Rynolds and Sandra Bullock. Its cheesy because its old movie. And just watching, you know that Andrew (Ryan Rynolds) fly from Alaska to Toronta to propose Sandra Bullock (I forget name character of Sandra). 


Today, I watching Life as We Know It. Suprisingly, I didnt much comment. How great this movie it was! 

Talked about fated Holly and Eric. They have to raise their friend's child because accident. Its juggling about commitment, carrier, and their (Eric and Holly) relationship. 

I dont know how to continue what going on here. Why I spent much time for watching movies, cause you know that the reality always be sucked everyday. 


July, 16th 2020
Thursday : HOLIDAY

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