The Things I Wish I Learned from 20

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Its a challange. Our community on 1 Hari 1 Cerita announce theme for this week. Talked about Lupa! So here I am thinking so hard to make this one. 


Morning 9th June, I am doing anything as usual. Get up, washed before ibadah, and watching YouTube.

Today, YouTube algorithm has been a lot of korean artist recomendation that I didnt Interest (i mean, for a while). Like  breathe on oasis, because one of them is Matt video. And here we go, I am writing this blog because of what he doing on his channel.

On his video, Matt talking about 6 things that he wished he knew AT 20. I thinking so hard to make it differently. 

I remember about this quote. It took me so long to do so many important things. It’s just hard to accept that I spent so many years being less happy than I could’ve been. — Pam Beesly, The Office US

I wanna talked about 5 Things I wish I learned from this 20 years old. This post like always so personal. And, why not to share a little bit sins (aka. aib) and what I learned. Hopefully, its make my life easier going through this age. 

1. TAKE responsibility

Before I garaduated from collage, I had a lot of activity that makes me (whichever direction) take more responsibility. One of many activity is became leader of research SSC. Some point I got such regretful and idk why makes me frustating. Like I didnt much care. Because we handle a lot of stuff. 

Remembering one moment, at October or November (idk exactly cause I forgot) 2016, SSC make a big agenda. This agenda always be held at every year. Its same like the others, we make a little conference with some competition. It was a lot of  regretful cause I got some internship in Jogja at the same time. I am frustating so much for that moment (because I Knew there were a lot of problem) and I didnt much care about it. 

Take a risk of being responsible is important. Maybe, at early 20's, we learned so many-(many) things with my capability. I mean, you have to learned for taking a risk and what fault you make from this. 

2. BEING Principled

I remember dialog from Ada Apa dengan Cinta film, that sentences when Cinta said to Rangga, sok prinsipil. Haha.

Ok, back to this topic. Being principled for me, just like mundane and boring of today. Because its like blood which is important for the body system. You got my point? 

Its so overwhelming sometimes. Principled and me is so closely. My character is so strong to said No or Yes. I think I knew how the worlds works to said that. Sometime I realized it when going to think deep inside. 

So, while I am picking up a friend's, I knew who is potential friend, and who is just for fun. But, I Knew maybe a lot of people think, its normal. Furthermore, its hard to said that I (declared) am sosiopat. Haha, I think, because from my face was so honest. You didnt think I hidden something based on whats going on through my face.

And a few moment, I am picturing and speaking up about the worlds going on these days. Perspective and didnt trap for infornation, for me especially, it is important. Being principled is what we need it. 

3. CALM and Take Slow

One of the list regretful is my relationship. I mean, it was a general relationship. 

I've always been somewhat afraid with boys. I was a little bit calm. I think haha. And I am not getting any Interest with that.

From Junior School, I didnt have any interaction with the boys. I mean, I have a best friend. You named it, Qonita, who's made me learning Avril Lavigne songs. And then Cindra, who's make me loved being Indonesia people which watching drama populer (Randy Pangalila and Nia Ramadhani's sinetron) in Indosiar at that moment. Haha. So, I didnt need the boys live on my environment. 

I think, when the boys liked me and being close with me, honestly, I was startled. I dont know how to handle this. My heart jumping like roller coaster and being not a normal. Because a lot of things I realized for the first time. Okay, its a little bit oberwhelming. 

It was a 7 grade School. The boys who liked me (ehem) sent a song of full chorus with bad writing skill. I know, at 2007 was booming band (you named it, hijau daun, ungu, peterpan, dmasiv) on glorious industry timing in Indonesia. Maybe, he expected that I fall for him so quickly. I mean, he was not a bad boys. He was captain on my class. He has a natural thick eyebrow. Lightly skin. And bla bla bla. Oke, its just excused, I wanna just said  a simple words, that he was handsome as hell yeah. Hahahaha! 

AT the moment, I just focussed on labelling or stigma about kenakalan remaja or whatever it is. And my mom told me for dating prohibition, etc (btw, until now I am not dating with somebody else, oke thanks mom). Therefore I didnt go for it! 

Again. When I was a college, I made simple assignment with my group. With my best friend, Nasita and Magda. They was a busy at the moment for taking responsible about UKM's agenda. I know as well what are they doing. But, I need some notice both they are to take care our assignment. 

Yeah. We made this on break time, and whats going on for working together changing into desperately for me. I am crying like baby at the moment. Seriously. Its a little bit cringe when I thought. 

So, advised for me, just relax and take it slow. Cause sometimes when we realized for hurried something you didnt get before, you just take a breathe and calm. Slow down and do the right. Usually, problems like tousled of hair. Need taking a break to get some energy for combing this slowly and rightly. 

3. USE Skincare

Nowdays, a lot of skincare brand is dominating my social media. You named it. From local brand with halal or not labelling until international. Most of them is korean. We can get more thumbs up how korean skincare dominating this industry right now.

I honestly, buying some of them. I am usinh Toner from Korean Brand. This brand was Somebyme. I bought 150k for toner. And then mini package, 150k. And sunscreen for 130k. A skincare routine from Somebyme, I wanna scream : Its a holly grail product. 

Recently, I bought mini package from Innisfree. Its Jeju Orchid. Why I bought this, because flash Sale from Lazada. 

When I searching this product to get information, I was shocked when I know whats price I would be spent when I bought a standart package. For 4 product, one of them was 300k. So, the total is 1 million for all standart package. 

Oke got it. Next! 

4. FINANCIAL Planning

I started to learn more about financial planning when I receive my first salary. Oke, I Have a job from small (privat) company because its just CV. Company personal, idk what should I said this company. 

My salary is 1, 400,000 for 3 months for trial. And the fact, I got 1,400,000 for 4 months. Forget this! And then, after trial months, I get 1,700,000. Its under salary minimum for my region. And after that, I got 1,900,000 after 1 year to follow salary minimum this region. 

I mean for labor like me is frustated. But, I get this job because I wanna escape reality to not getting to collage. Its my compromise with my mom. And yeah, I take a job and responsible for my self to get know more about life. 

2019's was perfect timing for me. I learned more about mental health, blessing, and getting know more about life. I mean this time for me to realized that I am is being part our society. Whats works going on, whats problem I get this so far, minimalism lifiestyle, and etc. One of what I learned is financial planning. 

I am always savings 90% my salary to the bank. So, when I get 1,700,000, I just take 200,000 for life. So, 1,500,000 for savings. Its absolutely brutal. Haha. I didnt know how to manage and I just know for saving, so I go for it!

From February until November I get this job, my total savings less and little bit from 10,000,000. Its my blessing, my achievement, and I invest to buy proper handphone. Its around 3,500,000.

And, I back to get a job on February. Its Big company in Indonesia. I mean, i joined to be a part of Kompas Gramedia. Which is a main leading for media industry. From this company I get 2,200,000. 500,000 higher than company before, it was blessing. And this year, I take responsible to help my family financial.

Every month, my mom has to  pay her debt. Its around 5,000,000 for a month. Because he debt 370 million for build my new house. I pay electrivity, pdam, wifi, and yeah many more. It takes around 500,000 for a month.When the paid is getting more, my mom help me for subsidy. 

Back again, that my financial planning is talked about budgeting. I learned how many are calculating for expanse many things every month, you should have write  down how many do you want to spend.

Just like calculating first, is important. Someday, your willing is getting stronger, to buy this, this, and many more. You handle this with calculate budgeting this month. Calculating and budgeting is worse when you didnt istiqomah. More consistent and persistent is higher important. 

After that, you can spent your happines with not to worry about finansial. Got this!

5. MORE Books I Read

Books and I are closely indeed. I write on my Twitter description : life without BOOK is nothing!

A little bit cringe cause I write this since I've been School. But you know, sometimes I regretful when I involved kinds of activity makes me doesnt productive to spend time to read. But, thanks God, I have best friend whos loved reading a book. Its my friend from Junior High School. Until Now.

Suprisingly, we are close because we loved the book. We reading book from teenlit. While Mia Arsjad's novel is like everywhere. Novel Satria November is best book when I was 14th. And, Orizuka's book is best when we need some lovey dovey stories. Haha, and then, for some reason being adults is easier when we reading dystopia novel. We much know about politicial issue, loved, self development, and meaning of life at the same time.

We dont like religious novel with problematic instead. 

And Dan Brown is best author when we talked about being adults. Its started when we are at collage. Dan Brown are our inspiration. How author is overwhelming. Why God's give the person like Dan Brown whos make us feel like a dumb? We learned more about politics, conspiration, history, and the same time your adrenalin comes up and down. For some reason, we loved like kind of historical and classics.

Goodbye teenlit/lovey dovey story!


I realized oh woww. Its a long story. The conclusion for not being lupa is write down what happened at the past. I agree with N. A Turner make the conclusion what I get it for now.

Appreciate who you are and who you’re becoming. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Go after what you want. Life doesn’t wait for you. Train your mind. Swap negativity for positivity wherever possible. Take care of yourself. Try new things. Conquer your fears. Life is scary as shit but don’t sit on the bench, play the field.

* * *

From I started to make this article from 8.00 am. 
And I suddenly lupa for taking breakfast.

9 June 2020

The Things I Wish I Learned from 20

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